Doyle's mammoth Angolan national monument, commemorating a key 1975 battle that took place during that country's civil war, is one of the largest bronze sculptures in Africa. Nine metres high and weighing eight tons, the commission was enlarged 14 times from the original maquette. It stands at the site of the conflict at Kifangondo, 23 kilometres north of Luanda and looks out over vast baobab plains to the north.

The 4th of Feb and Uprising of the Workers, Luanda, Angola (2005)

After the success of the 'Battle of Kifangondo' monument, the Angolan government commissioned 'The 4th of Feb' and 'Uprising of the Workers.' The '4th of Feb' was another gigantic sculpture to honour the heroes of the liberation struggle who'd fought against their Portuguese colonialists.

Agostinho Neto, first Angolan president, Huambo province, Angola (2007)

Doyle has been commissioned to sculpt several presidents of African states. One of the first was that of Angola's first president, Agostinho Neto (1922 - 1979), who led the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in the war for independence and who took office in 1975. A poet and a physician, Neto died of cancer in Moscow in 1979.